How To Make A Survival Axe

Are you interested in designing the best survival axe? Are you planning to have some time in the wilderness? What is the most needed survival equipment you must take with you? A survival axe helps us in any emergency situation. Choosing the best survival axe is a big challenge. Survival axes also help in splitting and chopping wood. Interesting is to know that the man has been using survival axes and hatches since Stone Age. In this informative post, we are going to share with you the guide about making a survival axe.

What Makes A Good Survival Axe

If you are going to make a good survival axe, you need to look these points before you make the survival equipment. The survival axes that are reliable and do not need more maintenance can prove to be the best survival axes and hatches. Cutting down weight is the first point you need to look for while making a good survival axe. It must have a sharp blade. It must work for a longer period of time without being sharpened. Its size should be in accordance with the size of your backpack.

What Are The Parts Of An Axe

Before you start making your own survival equipment, know about the basic parts that make the best survival axe.

The Head Of An Axe

The survival axe head bites into wood indeed. Survival axe head is its most important part. Cutting and chopping is done with the help of the head. Make sure that the survival axe head is sharp, smooth and have good penetration power. It must be free from dings or abrasions.

The Handle Of An Axe

Another part of an axe is axe handle. The longer the axe handle, the better your axe will be. Different materials like wood and metal are used in making an axe handle. Axes with metal handles are more reliable. An axe handle helps in directing the force while making use of an axe for some purpose.

How To Make Survival Axe

Want to make a good survival axe on the spur of the moment? For making the best survival axe, you may make use of stone. For making a good survival axe, a good idea is to choose shale rock. You may also use flint rock here for a sharper axe. For making an axe, your task is giving the shape of a sharp blade to a piece of stone and your homemade survival axe will be ready. For creating the head shape, you may make use of a piece of a stone.
The next step is attaching the shaped blade with a wooden handle. This process is simply known as hafting. Make sure that lashing is secure and tight. For lashing, you may use paracord or the leather strips.

To conclude, survival axes and hatches are the need when you are facing an emergency situation. You can simply make a survival axe at home yourself. The materials you will need are simply the wood, rocks and the leather strips. Follow our design guide and make your own survival axes and hatches. Do not forget regular maintenance of your equipment for its long-term use and keep the head sharp by sharpening it with the help of a stone frequently.

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