How To Make A Hand Axe

A hand axe is one of the oldest survival tools the man has used since dark ages. The tool is most commonly made of stone. The survival tool is also named as longest-used tool. A technical name has also been given to the stone hand axe and that is ‘Biface’ as the tool has two faces. Would you like to make your own Stone Age hand axe yourself if you need it at the spur of the moment? In our today’s informative piece of writing, we are going to guide you that how to make hand axe.

Use Of Simple Hand Axe

What are the major uses of hand axes? In the past, the hand axes were seen everywhere. The tool can be used for a number of purposes and therefore; a hand axe is also known as a multi-purpose tool. Their major use in the past was in butchering meat. It was mainly used for extracting bone marrow also.

The people also used it for chopping wood. It was also used for throwing at prey. For removing tree barks, it is a very useful tool that is still preferred to be used.

What is a Hand Axe Made of A number of hard materials and the rocks can be used for making first hand tools like a hand axe. However; there has always been the major use of stones of different types in making hand axes. This is the reason that a hand axe is also named as stone hand axe. Here, we are also going to guide you about making a hand axe.

How To Make Hand Axe

Here is a detailed guide on how to make hand axe. There is no chemistry in making the first hand tools like stone hand axe. To make a stone hand axe, you will need to have a hammer stone. Another material you need is flint cobble. For making hand axes, get a whole cobble and you will be able to make a good Stone Age hand axe.

Making Hand Axes

For making hand axes after you have collected the materials required, start by holding cobble in your one hand. After this, you will have to strike downward with the help of hammer stone for making Stone Age hand axe. Start striking downward for taking a small piece of cobble from a side. After this, repeat the process and take another piece of it from the other side for shaping the edge of hand axe. The hand axe has a crude edge. Continue taking off small pieces of the cobble till you get the required crude edge shape.

To conclude, a hand axe is the most useful tool of the first hand tools that can help us in doing a number of tasks. The axes can be designed in a number of shapes and sizes according to the use. We can also say that a hand axe is a great piece of art. Here, we have shared the method of making a hand axe. Follow the simple method and make your own hand axe using your art skills.

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