How To Choose An Ice Axe

Choosing a best ice axe is a job to be paid full attention. If you are going to have some hiking, trekking or climbing up a rock in winters, you must need some specific tool like an ice axe. This tool provides you support in self-arrest or while losing your balance on snow or ice. But there are various kinds and brands available in the market that yield the best quality ice axes. Now the objective is how to choose a perfect tool to combat the harsh conditions of the mountaineering tasks! That is the reason, we have collected the best info of the topic that would teach you well about how to choose an ice axe to tackle the tough mountaineering tasks!

What Are The Parts Of An Ice Axe

Before you go to opt for a tool to proceed your job, you have to understand the components of the ice axe. There are following parts of the tool:

  • Pick
  • Spike
  • Shaft
  • Carabiner Hole
  • Adze

So, these are the basic parts that make an ice tool perfectly functional. Spike is a pointed edge of the shaft that makes it fitted into the snow and ice while you need support in case of self-arrest. The shaft is the length of the tool that vary from design to design. The adze is like a hammering tool that makes steps in the ice or something like that. The pick is very sharp part of the tool that makes the axe able of hooking or swinging. Pick curve differs from the designs of the axes.

Materials Of Ice Axe

There are various materials used in designing the ice axes by the brands. Like, steel, aluminium and titanium are the top materials that are used to make the tool perfectly awesome. Aluminium is lightweight as compared to the titanium or steel. That is why for adventures and ski mountaineering, aluminium ice axe is used.

Steel ice axe is a heavy tool that penetrates the ice and snow in the best manner. So, most of the trekkers and mountain climbers want to use steel ice axe for the purpose. In some cases, titanium ice axe is also used to make the job done easily. Its weight is lesser than steel and higher than aluminium. But a weak point of this metal is that it bends easily while using in harsh conditions!

Choosing A Perfect Ice Axe

Are you confused about choosing a perfect tool for mountaineering purpose? Here we make it easy to tell you that you have to pay attention to a few points while opting for the tool. You will have to decide

  • The Length Of Ice Axe
  • The Weight Of Ice Axe
  • The Material Of Ice Axe
  • The CEN Ratings

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You would have to know the purpose of yourself that either it is technical or a basic one. Then you decide what length and weight will suit you in doing the task! Choose a material that gives you the proper weight of the tool according to the task. And do not forget the CEN ratings. CEN is a European group that rates the tools. So, view the stamp on the tool, that would be either “B” or “T”. These alphabets stand for Technical and Basic as per your needs. So, choose the one that will aid your task perfectly!

To conclude, we would like to say that pick up the best quality mountaineering tools by the brands. Know your experience and skills first, and then go to opt for the best ice axes. Do not compromise on the quality of the tool as it could be dangerous for you. Avoid the risk factors and get the perfect tools with you. Choose the best brands of ice axe and go rocking in your task! That is all about the best ice axe reviews!

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